When it’s time to choose a hallway lighting design, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before you decide. For example, do you want to brighten your hallway using modern and contemporary Italian lighting fixtures or simply make some simple upgrades? The following article discusses four hallway lighting options that can go with any home décor and transform beautifully any space.

Hallway lighting design

Amazing Pendant Lighting

Italian pendant lighting offers an artful addition to your hallway. Not to be confused with task lighting that’s designed to illuminate a specific object, quality pendant lights bring aesthetic beauty. Additionally Italian pendant lighting fixtures are the perfect opportunity to add a glow to your hallway or foyer. In fact, if you have outdated hanging lights, Italian pendant lighting can help you achieve any style. Since illumination is one of the most important elements of your home, use new hanging lights to bring attention to detail. Italian pendant lighting is also good for layering illumination in your hallway.

Flexible Wire Lighting Systems

Italian wire lights give you the option of simple, yet elegant lighting for your hallway. With many designs to choose from here at Modelight, you’re likely to match your design ideas with a style choice. Plus, these flexible wire lighting systems give you the versatility of choosing illumination for your hallway walls or ceiling. However, placing these lighting systems too low can cause your hallway to look small and feel cluttered. Wire lights should be properly balanced to create the right ambience in your hallway. If you have questions about wire lights, feel free to contact us with any question.

Eye-catching Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are preferred over hanging lights because they provide direct overhead illumination in the hallway. If you want to feature a hallway or foyer with high-end paintings or art, ceiling lighting is somehow similar to task lighting. Italian ceiling lights can really add character or style to your décor. With quality ceiling lights, you can add mirrors which will reflect and distribute lighting throughout your hallway. Before you upgrade your ceiling lights consider the height of your ceiling, the measurement of your hallway, and the colour of your hall for the best outcome.

Stylish Wall Lights

When you’re choosing wall lights there are a few things to consider before you decide on a hallway lighting design. For instance, the colours on your wall will impact the reflection of your illumination. Dark colour paint will create a low reflection. However, the stylish and elegant Italian wall lights available at Modelight offer a great opportunity to choose the right ones. Strategically placed lights can make a narrow hallway seem wider or lower seem higher. Properly placed wall lights create the right hallway lighting design.

A Final Thought On Hallway Lighting Design

Creating hallway lighting design that goes with the rest of your home deign can be an easy task even if you’re not a lighting professional. If you want to take pride in your hallway lighting design, the right lighting can engage your guests and leave them in awe.