Have you been wondering how to create an effective and attractive kitchen lighting design for your own kitchen? Then you will find that these tips will be very helpful to achieve an elegant and truly pleasing kitchen lighting design for your own home.

Kitchen Lighting Design – The Great Italian Lighting from Modelight

It does not have to be a complex issue when it comes to lighting your kitchen. The lighting should be layered to achieve the best effect. On the other hand, many people tend to think that they can adequately and pleasingly light their whole kitchen simply with one light fixture that is placed in the middle of the ceiling in the kitchen. Such a centrally place lighting can produce too much glare in one place in some cases. Further, this may result in the fact that there may not be enough light in some other key spaces of the kitchen. It is a common practice to fit stunning, good quality Italian designer lighting in a central place on the ceiling, and on many occasions it can work very well. However there are other options for creating amazing kitchen lighting design.

Kitchen lighting design

Important “Ingredients” of Kitchen Lighting Design

In order to make the lighting the most effective and attractive in your kitchen, your lighting should include three layers which should be combined. These three layers of lighting include ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. This will create kitchen lighting design which will be inviting and warm and which coincides well with other elements of design in order to achieve a workspace that is practical and beautiful.

Ambient lighting is considered as an indirect type of layer lighting. It sets the mood in the kitchen. It is often overlooked by many people when it comes to lighting placement in the kitchen area. It is a softer kind of light and provides that warm and soft glow that is appealing. For example, an Italian pendant lighting fixture is a great addition to provide more ambient lighting to a space.

People tend to think of task lighting due to the fact that task lighting helps them to see better when they are engaging in food preparation. But the key is to make sure that the task lighting is placed in the right location. On the other hand, if it is in the wrong location, people could be hindered when trying to prepare their meals as a result of the light creating shadows in the work area. Please note that for creating shadows and playing with lights you can use accent lighting, among others, magical spotlights or more subtle Italian wall lights.

Therefore, it is highly important to be mindful of key locations for lighting. A good place to install task lighting is over the island and under the overhead cabinets as well. Thus, task lighting should be placed in those areas where you will be reading recipes and slicing and chopping food. It is also a good idea to install task lighting in the pantry, as good bright light will allow you to see your food items and food preparation equipment that are stored in the pantry.

In regard to kitchen lighting design and lighting that is placed under cabinets, this can prove to be a real asset for your kitchen. It can function to provide two kinds of lighting for your space, such as ambient lighting, including quality pendant lighting, Italian ceiling lights for home and task lighting. It will provide a soft glow to give the warm ambience you are looking for that will make a space more classy and inviting. You can even consider installing a dimmer switch to control the level of brightness of the lighting under the cabinets.

Final Word on Kitchen Lighting Design

We hope that all the information will help you to create truly amazing kitchen lighting design. That you’ll enjoy your kitchen even more, not only when preparing food but also during family gatherings and relaxation time.