If you have a beautiful, modern home or business, you’ll need an Italian lighting system which reflects and enhances it. You’ll need high-quality designer LED Italian lighting which gives you all the drama you crave without the hassle of rewiring or adding extra electrical points in a room.

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Let us introduce you to the Xilema System modern Italian lighting!

Inspired by the veins of leaves taking life-giving sap around the plant, this connectable Italian lighting system takes a uniform light around your room from a single point. It is created in light, durable aluminium with a PMMA diffuser that gently illuminates your home or business. This indirect Italian lighting solution is the perfect fit for modern houses, apartments, and businesses.

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Here are six of the best reasons why…

  1. It can be used to accentuate great design and architecture – This flexible Italian lighting system can follow the roofline of a room, highlight architectural features, light up a portion of a wall or ceiling, and enhance unusually-shaped doorways, openings, and alcoves. It can also add drama to any room lacking those features by creating the shapes you need.
  2. You can also use it to highlight beautiful materials – From brushed concrete to polished metals, modern design uses some of the most gorgeous materials in design and construction. Use your Xilema System to create a sheen on burnished brass, pick out the grain in wood, or uplight roughcast concrete.
  3. It’s the perfect option for homes and businesses with modernist design – Simplicity is so important in modern design. Modernism requires clean lines, the minimum amount of ornamentation, and any items in a room should be both useful and beautiful, just like the Xilema System.
  4. The system is supremely flexible, so you can personalise your lighting experience – You don’t have to stick to certain points in the room. Your lighting can reflect your sense of style and the way you live in your home. Want to highlight your bookshelves? Go ahead, there are several options for how to style your Xilema System.
  5. You can create your own artwork in lighting – Make a statement on a wall or ceiling with this Italian lighting system. Create a beautiful talking point, something you and your visitors will enjoy.
  6. It helps you control lighting in cinema rooms, gaming rooms, and multi-media rooms – Many of us now have rooms where controlling lighting for different activities is important. That could be watching films, online gaming, or live streaming on social media. The Xilema System allows you to have focused lighting in certain areas, avoiding flaring and reflections on TV screens or computer equipment.
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Isn’t it time you invested in the Xilema System modern Italian lighting?

Imagine lying back on your sofa and enjoying the stunning, luminous Xilema System in your home!

What would you choose to do with it?

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