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Delighting Edinburgh With Italian Lighting – Edinburgh Lighting

Like any other city you know just how unique Edinburgh is, with its own characteristics and local characters where the old and the new rub shoulders. Look around and appreciate its architecture, spanning eons and ages. Look at Edinburgh bustle and its beauty, the quiet and quixotic. Let Modelight help you shed some light here.
Illuminez votre maison à l'italienne

The Fascinating World of Italian Lighting – Edinburgh Lighting

Italy is synonymous with style, elegance and timeless sophistication, which is why we bring you The Great Italian Lighting. From elegant pendants, to enchanting wire lights and the latest innovations in LED lighting, we are proud to provide you with amazing lighting solutions to brighten up every space in your warm and welcoming home. We are based in the UK, not too far from Edinburgh and delivering UK-wide.
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Giving Your Home A luxurious Feel – Edinburgh Lighting

Let Italian lighting from Modelight transform any room or space you step into – from an inviting entrance hall to a cheerful kitchen, atmospheric living room, calming bedroom and cosy garden. Designed to illuminate the full potential of your home, our quality Italian lighting will inspire your heart and create the luxurious atmosphere you want – warm, enticing, modern, contemporary, perfect for you. With quick and easy ordering, we make it simple for you, whether you are in Edinburgh, or further afield.
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Bringing Your Ideas To Light – Edinburgh Lighting

Here at Modelight, we offer quality Italian lighting collections that will inject some timeless elegance into warm and welcoming homes. Amazing designs inspired by nature, memories of the past and glimpses of the future, designs and styles that are guaranteed to inspire and impress. With these quality Italian lighting collections our customers in Edinburgh can now create magnificent grand or simple lighting designs.

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