Luminaires de salle de bains italiens BOLL

Have you ever visited the Americas, Africa, Australia or India and witnessed on the country planes vast fields of cotton in season, shimmering white cotton bolls just being, just doing nothing else but what they do best, being cotton bolls; radiating natural light and purity. But as the song says, “when them cotton bolls get rotten you can’t pick very much cotton, in them old cotton fields back home.”

Our Boll amazing Italian lighting for bathrooms, inspired by the lightness of the rounded seed capsule of the cotton plant, will not rot, will not disappoint or detract from the light it shines on your own field of choice. Italian lights Boll, perfectly matching modern designs of any bathroom, are partly sandblasted light diffuser balls of white light on a chrome plated fixture. These amazing, eye-catching, stylish and elegant bathroom wall lights and ceiling lights are available as single and double fixtures, and also as arrangements of three and four amazing spheres. One and four versions are featured on chrome plated square, while two and three versions are featured on chrome plated rectangle.

Truly authentic designs, true to nature.