Contemporary Italian lighting is famous for its innovation and personality. Modelight Quality Designer Lighting is a premier supplier of spectacular, stylish and durable designer Italian lighting products in the UK. It offers an exceptional collection of high-quality designer lighting fittings for every space in your home garden or office. Quality Italian lighting products and systems transform even the most ordinary spaces into something truly fascinating; these magnificent designer lights ooze a continental style and bring glamour to the home and its surroundings. If you have an eye for detail and love great designs, you will surely be impressed by these quality designer lighting fittings.

Our collection of exceptional Italian lighting has something for everyone and every space, whether it is your garden, home or commercial establishment.

Here are the three Italian lighting fittings for a contemporary home:


MR MAGOO LED is an elegant designer Italian lighting with a great deal of versatility. It illuminates every corner and every space with a touch of class and beauty. However, it can be used as a pendant light fitting, free-standing lamp or ceiling light. They come in different sizes and forms and fits in every room and space. They elevate the feel of the interior through sophisticated design and serene LED glow. It is made of white-coated metal and linear polyethylene.

Mr Magoo Best Italian Pendant Lighting
  1. DIPHY

DIPHY P1 is an amazing designer Italian lighting with a delicate appearance, where each diffuser being almost transparent. It seems to float in the air, shedding a soft and bright light below it. The diffuser sport minute and intricate designs on its surface and bring a sense of calm and purpose in the entire space that it illuminates. It is made of coated aluminium and has a PMMA diffuser with laser engravings.

Diphy Best Italian Pendant Lighting

KYKLOS LED is high-end designer Italian lighting that has a stunning design inspired by the orbiting planets and comes in the pendant mode. This is a thin disc-shaped upscale LED lighting that adds immense charm and personality to your home. This creates a kind of social ambience in your home with indirect illumination through the pendants and walls. The pendant looks as floating in the air much like the planets orbit in the space. KYKLOS LED is made of white polyurethane and PMMA.

Kyklos Best Italian Pendant Lighting

Modelight Quality Designer Lighting offers a wide range of sophisticated and elegant Italian lighting.

All these products are expertly designed and come in enchanting shapes and forms. The products are extremely bewitching and eye-popping. MR MAGOO LED, DIPHY LED and KYKLOS LED are among the most popular designer Italian light fittings. They are all stunning in look and performance, and bring a lot of sense and serenity into the space that they illuminate. So, if you are looking for some stunning designer lighting solution for your home, garden or office, you should definitely check out regularly for the latest additions to our quality collections. In particular, the three designer Italian lighting that we have reviewed in this article are exceptional products in their class and a must for your home.