OHPS 500 Contemporary designer lighting

There was a time when the expression “oops”, when said mildly, was used to express surprise, acknowledgement that you had made a tiny mistake, or even a form of distress or apology. Then the trend setters set foot and decided to exchange an “o” with an “h” and “oh” then we have “ohps” – still means much the same though.

Trendsetting Designer Lighting For Homely Feel

Our trendsetting OHPS Ø500 pendant designer lighting from Linea Light, a hemisphere in all its perfection with nothing to change but to bring difference and style to many settings. Its range is impressive – with floor, wall, ceiling and pendant versions. With energy saving, half-sphered shaped designer lighting for indoors, decorating with simplicity and freedom, these amazing OHPS Ø500 designer pendant lights add a new, modern, dimension to lighting for homes, offices, gyms, reception areas, showrooms and shops.