Italian wire lighting system - what is it?

A wire lighting system is typified by light fixtures connected to one or more wires running the length of a room. In addition to providing light, wire lighting systems are often used to improve the aesthetics of a room.

At Modelight we are proud to provide home and business owners with quality, Made In Italy wire lighting systems. We offer a variety of spectacular, eye-catching lighting systems: These include: amazing MONO System, 150 System, 300 System.

Mono System. This system consists of a single wire that serves as the source of power as well as the support for light fixtures. With this system, you are not limited to a few light installations. You can adjust almost everything to suit your taste, including the colour of the wire to the type of accessories. Because of its flexibility, you can fit in as many lights as you want. This MONO wire lighting system supports up to 14 different lighting styles. This means you can easily create a custom lighting scheme to give your space a unique appearance.

150 system. This is a double-wire lighting system designed to enhance the outlook of whatever space it is fitted in. The two parallel cables are 150mm apart and provide power and support for your preferred light fixtures. 150 system supports 13 different lighting styles, meaning that you don’t have to endure the monotony of one option. Also, this enables you to curate a distinctive lighting theme for your room. Regardless of your taste, you are assured of getting a favourable option.

300 system resembles a tram line because of the one-foot distance between the two parallel cables that make this system. This option of ideal for bigger spaces, such as dining rooms, corridors, offices, because it supports bigger light fixtures and traverses longer distances. You can place light fixtures anywhere on the line depending on your favoured style. Furthermore, you have up to 15 different styles from which you can choose. Even better, you can mix up the styles to showcase your creativity to the world.

Why A Wire Lighting System Is A Good Choice?

There are many reasons why a wire lighting system would be a valuable addition to your home setting. These include:

Flexibility – the main advantage of wire lighting systems over other systems is the flexibility of their outlook. Most of them come with a variety of accessories that can be mixed up to create a unique and personalized lighting pattern.

Aesthetics – traditional light fittings might be good servants, however wire lighting systems, on the other hand, can be modified to add more colour and life to your space. This is certainly a huge perk from an aesthetic viewpoint.

Easy to install – unlike standard electrical wiring, wire lighting system are not fitted inside walls. This means that they can be easily installed without professional help. The only requirement is a connection to a mains source of power and you’re good to go!