Italian designer lighting can inspire your living, kitchen, bedroom and living room spaces the way you want. Whether you want aggressive colours and beautiful appeals in your living room areas, calmer bedrooms, or modern style kitchen, Italian designer lighting can inspire your ideas and make these areas more productive and liveable by all people of all ages.

Types of Italian lighting

Here are some lighting ideas for these important areas.

Designer lighting for Living Rooms

The type of designer lights you choose for a living room should ensure adequate but also beautiful lighting for the room. There are a variety of options for lighting the space in which you gather with family, and which is also your entertainment hub and relaxing area.

Layered lighting is definitely good option for your living room because it will not only illuminate the room at every corner but will also create a pleasant atmosphere and the balance of light you need to carry out any kind of activity. For different purposes and atmospheres, your living room has the capacity to include a mixture of ambient, accent and task lighting.

For instance, you can create ample and diffused ambient light with modern designer lights, but also use centred Italian pendant lighting fixture to complement living room’s decor, and add mood setters and stature using dramatic Italian wall lights. Other ideas include using vintage copper lights, spherical lights, and translucent designs.

Designer Lighting for Bedrooms

Italian design lighting for your bedroom certainly will need to set the right mood. You are looking for a soft flattering ambient light design that does not steal bright light on the spots where bright light is needed most while achieving a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Although lower wattage LED designer lights are recommended, you can use adjustable dimmer switches to bet among moods at different times whenever you like. Nevertheless, you want to plan for all areas: closets, master bathrooms, dressing areas, reading areas, and the bed.

The size and shape of your ceiling is going to matter. You can go for recessed lights or lower wattage Italian ceiling lights or single pendant fixture. You can also achieve ambient light with highly placed wall-mounted sconces or even ceiling fans. If you value bed-time reading, then you are going to need the task table lamps but ones tune-layered with overhead lights on the nightstands.

Designer Lighting for Kitchens

You probably don’t want the run-of-the-mill kitchen pendant designer lights but special and modern light can make the best lighting design for your cooking areas. You can learn to work with very popular Italian linear lighting fixtures, sphere lighting fixtures, and other pendants to make the most of the kitchen areas.

You can go for chrome or copper Italian designer lighting fixtures containing pendant lights to produce enough light while complimenting the finish or add on a layer of texture using sleek glass light fixtures. If you have a black-and-white kitchen, you can end up with a modern appeal by using modern black pendants.

In conclusion, most lighting designs for your living room, kitchen and bedroom will be influenced by the room application. You generally want modern touches with aggressive appeal for a beautiful living room, a well-light kitchen, and a calmer bedroom with adequately lit reading spot.