ARTIC P2 Pendant Designer Lights Made of Glass

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are one of nature’s greatest free light spectaculars: an awesome, mesmerising, entrancing, even humbling, performance of multicoloured lights in the Northern night skies. With ethereal swoops, twists, and swirls of colourful shapes and wisps, this phantasmagorical show amazes and attracts the senses of crowds from around the world to places such as Iceland, Norway, Arctic Canada, and northern Britain and Europe.

Artic Italian glass lighting

ARTIC P2 glass designer lights for modern homes is our own display of pendant lighting, to appreciate and enjoy in the wonders of your own home or business. Each in their way unique, just as the Aurora Borealis, they give their own dramatic performances of light and shadow, creating beautiful glistening, crystal-like reflections on their surroundings. Just as icy cold temperatures take your breath away, so too will these amazing glass designer lights.

SYBERIA S Ceiling Designer Lights Made of Glass

The view of Siberia, influenced perhaps by movies like Dr Zhivago, is often of howling gales of snow and Arctic wastes with penal colonies. But it’s only in the very far northern tundra where temperatures can fall as low as -68°C in winter. Siberia is a 10million square metre range of vast swampland to the West, heavily forested in the central plateau, and in the East majestic mountains soar to above 3,000 meters. There is much for the intrepid traveller to see and do.

Syberia Italian glass lighting

Our SYBERIA S glass designer lights for modern and contemporary ceilings, are much warmer. Reminiscent of panes of glass, frosted over with ice and snow, even gift wrapped for a special occasion, this exquisite range offers much to explore. With their white coated glossy metal frames and translucent crystal style light filters, these glass designer lights for ceilings, in a choice of sizes, shine a bright yet warm-looking glow whatever the landscape, whatever the weather.