When we redecorate our homes and businesses, we usually think about buying new furniture or painting our walls bold new colours. Buying Italian designer lights doesn’t always cross our minds because it seems so automatic and technical. However, carefully considering the lighting of your space can go a long way in your redesign. Italian designer lighting is an art in and of itself and can totally transform your home and business. Aside from its shape, form or aesthetics, quality Italian lighting can really showcase the beautiful items you have in your home and business and create a special ambience.

Iluminação italiana para casa e para a empresa

An authentic designer lights

The type of light fixture you get will have a big impact on the “feel” of your space. If you have low ceilings in your home or office, a huge pendant light fixture with a long chain is probably not the way to go. Consider versatile and quality Italian wire lighting systems to provide ample illumination without making the space seem smaller. If you have a cosy reading nook in the corner of your living room or study, consider a bespoke task lamp that illuminates that area only. If you have a large area for entertaining or gatherings, consider dimmable light fixtures that can change illumination with the needs of the space. Italian designer lighting has really big impact on homes and businesses, especially with the increased availability and flexibility of LED options.

Italian designer lighting with LED source

Many Italian designer lights have integrated LED light sources. LED lighting has come a long way over the past decade. It is inexpensive, highly efficient and there are some beautiful fixtures that can go with any style. LED lighting is better when it comes to energy use, so it’s better for the environment and your electrical bill. LED lighting has the unfair reputation of being too harsh or cold. However, if you select the correct color temperature with more and more popular dimming option, you will truly see the beauty of these magnificent lights.

Create the effect you desire with Italian designer lights

Aside from the colour temperature of the light itself, consider what kind of lighting effect you want to produce. Magnificent Italian wall lights, spotlights particularly, can showcase a specific work of art on your wall or emphasise an expensive piece of furniture. They are also perfect for kitchens or display shelves and illuminates work surfaces or showcases books and special display objects. Italian ceiling lights, on the other hand, are placed along your ceilings and illuminates the below, creating a dramatic effect that is perfect for more formal spaces like dining rooms or living rooms. The amount of light you have in a room or office will do a lot to create a certain ambience or vibe. Lower light will create a dramatic environment while more bright light is better for cooking, working or studying. Also consider the natural lighting present in your room and use Italian designer lighting to complement the natural light and create the effect you desire at night.

Good lighting design can go a long way in your home and business, no matter how big or small it is. By carefully considering the type of designer lights, the light source and the desired effect, you can make your space shine. No home renovation is complete without a thorough review of illumination in your spaces and coordinating your new design with lighting.