There is nothing warmer and more comfortable than a well created lighting design for a farmhouse. A proper farmhouse lighting design practically asks friends and family to come up, raise their legs and relax for a while. In farmhouse interior design one of the very popular options is rustic décor. It gives you interesting look, comfy feel and warmth. Additionally, natural materials, fresh cut flowers and fancy pastel shades can wonderfully complements a this kind lighting design. And there is nothing better for an invigorating farmhouse look than rustic Italian designer lighting. Here are some rustic Italian designer lighting options you can consider when creating lighting design for a farmhouse.

Farmhouse lighting design

Rustic pendant lighting for a farmhouse lighting design

Rustic pendant lighting made in Italy has become trendy recently. Every day, wonderful rustic designs are chosen by happy farmhouse owners. It’s because rustic pendant lighting can beautify any space of any modern house and if we’re talking about a farmhouse it has even a greater impact on the space. Thanks to the installation of the rustic pendants, the entire appearance goes to the next level. If you value of designer Italian pendant lighting and will choose a proper rustic light fixture it will not only enhance the appearance of the room, but also make it a practical option. This is one of the best option to choose when planing lighting design for a farmhouse.

Rustic wall lights for a farmhouse lighting design

Creating lighting design for a farmhouse with Italian rustic wall lights is a great way to give your farmhouse an intimate and comfortable look. These amazing lights offer a softer look, add interesting highlights as well as wonderful mood shades. Many types of designer Italian wall lights are equipped with LED technology, which makes them cost-effective; they save energy and last a very long time. Many of them have large headlights for illuminating larger areas, as well as smaller, adjustable ones, excellent for illuminating particular tasks, like chopping vegetables in kitchen or reading a book in living room.

Rustic floor lamps for farmhouse lighting design

Italian rustic floor lamps add charm and eloquence to any room in a farmhouse. This is perhaps the most versatile light fixtures when thinking about lighting design for a farmhouse and the wonderful way to improve the look of any farmhouse. Designer Italian floor lamps are an amazing addition to the general lighting, and one of the greatest way to illuminate your favourite reading corner; Italian floor lamps provide an easy illumination. Since floor lamps often become an elegant “anchor” in space, choose freely! Rustic floor lamps offer both comfort (they are portable!), and a true independent style. Placing a floor lamp in a farmhouse can work wonders with the mood and character of the whole space. With perfect lighting, a farmhouse can be complete.


These are many options of lighting design for a farmhouse. There are many options of Italian lights to choose from; some are more suitable for most rooms, while others are suitable for all rooms. The correct farmhouse lighting design makes any house feel like a home, while all friends and family gatherings fell more homely and are more happier.