Our homes are our ultimate places of retreat after a long busy day. We all try to make sure our homes are warm, comfortable and cosy at all times. We furnish our homes with the best furniture and classy décor to go with it. But while keeping all requirements checked we often tend to ignore a very important aspect in our homes – lighting.

Home lighting design Italian pendant lighting

For most of us, lighting is nothing more than a utility in our homes. However, if we look at it a little more differently adopting a correct home lighting design can add to the aesthetics of our homes; the style and the elegance of quality designer lighting is out of the world. But with a cobweb of options to choose from let’s help you in figuring out the home lighting design for that ultimate experience.

Make Smart Lighting Choices

Many of us make some common mistakes while choosing our lighting options. We feel that choosing just one type of overhead lighting shall solve the purpose. However, if you check with an expert, you would know it turns out to be cliché. While there are many options at your disposal, you should know what will work out the best as per your current interior settings and here at Modelight we would love to help you with that. The best home lighting design is that which is done in elegant layers. To give you an idea though, let’s help you with the most common home lighting design options.

Ambient Lighting

This is the most commonly used home lighting design option that you can use. Ambient lighting completes the overall ambience of your room by illuminating the most of it. The lighting is mostly sourced from pendant lights, chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, standard and LED wire lights, floor and table lamps, and recessed lights. This type of lighting provides that layer which is perceived as an elegant level of lighting to the naked eye.

Home lighting design Italian task lighting

Accent Lighting

This type of home lighting design is used to highlight a particular thing in the room. The idea is to create a certain level of focus on a specific object which can either be wall art, a painting or a huge family photograph. Accent Lighting is delivered from an array of lighting products such as wall lights, down lights, spotlights, wire lights, and LED strip lights. This type of lighting is also known as feature lighting that adds that extra sparkle to your rooms.

Task Lighting

This lighting layer is designed to help complete a specific task. They can be used in anything ranging from desk and floor lamps, under cabinet lights to multi-functional pendant lights. If the ambient lighting is good enough, you may not need task lighting, however using task lighting options enhances your experience and look of your rooms.

Final Takeaway on Home Lighting Design

While lighting maybe just a need for most of us, setting up the right kind of lighting can enhance the look, and feel of your home. So choose from these home lighting design options and illuminate your homes with more than just light. Add some sparkle, add some brightness and some shining lights. Let there be more than just light in your homes, Let there be more of life!