Há algo de hipnotizante na iluminação da esfera italiana. A forma fundamental, a simetria que todos nós apreciamos quer nos apercebamos conscientemente quer não.

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Italian Sphere Lighting – Purity & Perfection

Italian sphere lights are ultimate, definitive forms that simply work within almost any designing context, regardless of its styling characteristics.

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Italian sphere lighting for indoors

Italian sphere lights offer you a perfect combination of style, adaptability and reliability. They can transform any indoor area into a warm, welcoming and unique space. Coming in various sizes and colours, ceiling, wall and floor mounted, you can find the perfect match for any room, regardless of the colour of the walls or the style of the furniture. Sphere lighting can be used virtually anywhere. This gives you such a tremendous freedom as far as your design go.

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Italian sphere lighting for Outdoors

When the season is kind to us, we begin to spend more and more time outdoors. Italian sphere lights are great for adding extra splendour to all kind of outdoor gatherings, meetings, events or just stylish decorations and designs.

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Italian Sphere Lighting For Your Home and Garden

Italian sphere lights look great on the floor, table, not to mention walls or ceilings. All in all, whether we are talking about indoors or outdoors, a stylish and elegant home or a cosy and admired garden, Italian sphere lighting can give you more than you can expect.

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