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Mongolfier 26 Mat Black Italian pendant lighting by Stilnovo is perfect for any room looking to create the right ambience. It effortlessly blends a vintage feel with a modern, airy design. Its delicate lines appear to wrap themselves into waved patterns. Three pendant options are available. Two, more bulbous and generous in shape, create a focal point for your table. The other is more compact and streamlined, adding a sense of rising height to your lighting. Select the copper colour to add a touch of warmth and shine to your room. Or choose black or black nickel for a more subtle and timeless look.

Fonte de luz: LED
Potência: arrayLED 16W, 220-240V
Características: Melodia quente, 1000lm, CRI 90
Material: Ferro (preto), PC (transparente)
Dimensões: Ø 260 mm, H máx. 2400 mm
Classificação IP: IP20
Regulável: Corte de fase (regulador de intensidade luminosa não incluído)
Instalação: Tecto
Marca: Stilnovo
Feito em Itália

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