SQUASH Ø250 LED Circled Designer Lighting

In the distance they may seem like a blip in the sky; but close up Airships are massive feats of human design and engineering. One such is the Airlander 10, a 300-foot-long modern airship – an amalgam of a plane, airship, helicopter and hovercraft currently housed in a hangar in Bedfordshire, UK. It has the ability to fly non-stop around the world – twice! But at only 100 miles per hour, that could take quite some time.

Éclairage design circulaire SQUASH LED

Here on earth our very own generously sized Squash LED circled designer lighting for ceilings, with their economy-saving power, shine out like luminescent airships suspended in the sky. Stunning Italian circled designer lights ideal for any dream home. Available in two generous sizes, both appearing as stunning LED designer lights hanging in the air. Squash LED lighting is perfect for any contemporary setting need a slight air of an eye to the future.

THANK YOU Circled Designer Lighting

Of the 86,400 seconds you are gifted today, how many will you spend saying “thank you?” It’s amazing how two simple words can mean so much, make such a difference to both receiver and giver, to make someone feel good. We ask people to help us, but how often do we genuinely let them know of our appreciation? Do we race through the day rather than taking time to simply say “thanks” for the beauty in flowers and fields, the pleasure in people and poetry, talking to the trees and the animals, giving gratitude to receive one more breath, one more day to say thanks for our dreams and sunsets, showers of rain and refreshing breezes, hellos and goodbyes, the darkness and the light.

Circled designer lighting Thank You

Thank You, circled designer lighting, is our range of incredible statements in home lighting design; celebrations and dedications to the ingenious light bulb invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. Brought up to date with modern energy saving designer lights for ceilings, these clean lined, uncomplicated shapes available across our range of ceiling lights, come with or without wooden or fabric shades.