VULCANO P Unique Italian Lights for Indoors

There are more than 500 live volcanoes on the planet. That’s pretty hot stuff – or not so pretty when the eruptions happen. They are a reminder that nature is to be respected and that despite what we think, it is not for us to control. So why not teach your youngsters about respecting all things volcanic? Lots of simple ideas exist on the web for educational party time fun; just remind the intrepid Volcanologists not to eat their own creations. What is within your control is to prepare for the mess and outpouring of fun and laughter.

LED Italian pendant lighting vulcano

Our VULCANO range of conical looking, LED designer pendant lighting, using the latest in lighting technology and contemporary safety features, is much safer than any volcano – natural or child made! These unique designer Italian lights for indoors can create a lovely atmosphere for family gatherings, as well as for cosy nights and spontaneous parties. Equipped with latest LED technology, VULCANO P offers superb illumination, efficiency and durability. With an elegant white translucent casing, these Italian lights cast a gentle beam across a wide area.

PEGGY FL Unique Italian Lights for Outdoors

In many countries the name Peggy means child of light or pearl; it’s also said that the name symbolises a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, to break free from tradition. For many centuries fine quality natural pearls have been highly valued objects of beauty and today are a metaphor for something exquisite, fine, alluring and valuable.

Italian floor lamp Peggy fl

Our PEGGY FL, a unique Italian floor lamp for outdoors, breaks from tradition too, its lighting encased in tall and slender, almost exotic and sensuous shells – in translucent white. These magnificent unique Italian lights for outdoor garden, patio, balcony or any other outdoor setting, come in one superb size – just under seven feet, creating a perfect statement for the night garden or casting a soft beam on any area longing to be admired.