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Stilnovo 2NIGHTS P6 Italian Pendant Lighting Picture 1 2NOCHES P6 535.05 - 613.46 IVA incluido

2Noches Blanco

195.57 IVA incluido

2Nights White Italian wall light by Stilnovo is a petite, intricate creation whose name is reflective of its dual functionality, from illuminating evening reading to casting mood lighting across a chosen area. An LED source is beamed through a tubular cylinder masked by coloured gobo filters, creating dancing light that resembles dappled water, fire or woodland trees.

Fuente de luz: LED
Potencia: TopLED 4W, 220-240V
Características: 3000K, 363lm, CRI 90
Material: Aluminium (white), PC
Dimensiones: 85 x 121 x 195 mm
Peso: 0,87 kg
Grado de protección IP: IP20
Direccional: 350° (horizontal), 50° (vertical)
Óptica: 70°
Filtros de gobo no incluidos
Instalación: Pared
Marca: Stilnovo
Fabricado en Italia

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