One of the most crucial aspects of interior design is Italian lighting. When it comes to your home, it’s no different: you want to feel welcomed and cosy as soon as you come back home.

Iluminación italiana para el hogar moderno

So how do you choose?

Sometimes it becomes confusing choosing the right Italian lighting for the right room. Fear not, below you’ll find a few solutions to lighting your modern home just the way you want to.

Iluminación colgante italiana

If you’re looking for something akin to a chandelier with a modern and aesthetic twist, look no further than Italian pendant lighting option.

Much like a chandelier, Italian pendant lights hang from your ceiling. You’ll find you can light up an entire room with larger pendant designs.

Wider designs disperse the light more evenly in a room. Give your living room a nice, even shine with a pendant hanging over the coffee table. You’ll be hard-pressed taking bad photos here!

Smaller designs, such as cone shaped pendants for example, are great for lighting specific areas of your home, like your counter tops. They’re quite excellent at illuminating the areas underneath them.

Lámparas de techo italianas

Also known as flush mounts, Italian ceiling lights are attached to your ceiling and shine light all around the room.

This option is best used if you’re looking for unobtrusive lighting. Something that does the job, looks pretty, and doesn’t take up too much space.

You can get creative with flush mounts, too. Some designs have fixtures sticking out of the mount. Others are simple yet pleasant. Think two-toned or metal-banded makeups.

Say you’ve decorated your salon in colours of three, some comfortable sofas with throws and pillows, and a large carpet that finishes the atmosphere. A large pendant light might be exchanged with a simple, yet elegant Italian ceiling light. This way, you’ve just added the last bit of spark to your room.

Apliques italianos

If directional lighting is your desire, Italian wall lighting is your solution.

Best used for displays and background lighting, Italian wall lights are great for lighting specific areas of your home. The natural shadows will create a beautiful contrast between sections of your room.

If you have a home office or studio, this is an excellent way to set the mood. Musicians, for example, can mount their wall lights closer to the ground, underneath their equipment even, to embellish their instruments with a beautiful silhouette on the wall behind them.

You can also take advantage of these lights by exhibiting particular sections of your home, say a prized collection of awards, or a wall display of your framed portraits and posters.

Ready To Choose?

Now that you’re a little familiar with some modern Italian lighting options, how will you decorate your home? Will you you hang some pendant lights over your kitchen island? How about a dichromatic flush mount matching your living room colours? And don’t forget the wall lights for your wall display!