CONUS LED directional designer lights for tables and desks

Think cones and many will have annoying memories of bollards. But the original shapes which gave rise to the word conus are as old as human kind, found in terms such as the conus medullaris, the lower end of the spinal cord and as the largest genus of marine invertebrates, snails housed in the most stunningly decorated shells, and a major contributor to the biodiversity of seas and oceans.

Conus table designer lights

The CONUS LED designer light that can serve as amazing illumination as well as decorative element is a stylish, classy, minimalist, and modern option if you are looking for uniform LED lighting. This made in Italy table lamp with aluminium frame in white or black finish and with a glass diffuser, rotates 360 degrees to offer clear directional lighting.

SPOTTY S directional designer lights for ceilings

Game players in the USA often refer to their play in a game they’ve lost as spotty that is, their play was not consistent or uniform; it was sporadic, irregular or uneven, in quality. It’s a handy little word is spotty; sometimes meaning beauteous things such as the black spots of white Dalmatians.

Spotty ceiling designer lights

We have only good things to say of our Spotty S modern designer lights for ceilings; it is a practical and flexible ceiling light fixture with aluminium frame and transparent glass casing. Amazing made in Italy ceiling light Spotty S serves its true function with precision, each of four directional spotlights angled and directed to highlight specific features or general details in your chosen space.