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The Best LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

From increasing humidity and reducing yucky carbon monoxide levels to simply brightening up interiors, indoor plants are the botanical buddies that give our homes a nurturing vibe and a splash of vitality. But even if you’re a poplar gardener or you relish spending thyme (see what we did there) with fresh greens and herbs, indoor plants can be tricky old things to keep alive and maintain, especially amidst the dreary weather of our home turf in the UK. And since winter is coming, and darkness approaches, wouldn’t you love to know how to keep your greenery thriving all year round?
Introducing Chlorophyll

A Charismatic LED Grow Light

To give a helping hand to plant lovers everywhere, we donned our thinking caps and contacted our Italian lighting supplier Linea Light to send us their best product for nourishing plants in our homes. This is how we came to meet Chlorophyll, the best LED grow light for indoor plants and indoor gardening. And after being contacted by some of our customers interested in these grow lights, we thought we’d compile their questions with our answers on the advantages of light fixtures for growing plants indoors, to give you some encourage-mint to cultivate your own vegetal nest.

What Is A LED Grow Light And What Does It Do?

The best LED grow lights for indoor plants, like our pal Chlorophyll, are artificial light sources that help to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum ideal for successful photosynthesis. Not only are they cost effective light fixtures for growing plants, but they’re also perfect luminous beacons to keep plants flourishing even in darkness.
If indoor plants don’t get enough light, they can grow spindly and frail – something that definitely isn’t a good look for a fresh and inviting home. LED grow lights solve this problem by providing enough light any time of the day to nurture indoor plants and give them the energy they need to be as beautiful and healthy as they can be. With a balance of cool and warm light, LED grow lights can aid anything from herbs and flowers to vegetables and decorative plants.

What Makes Chlorophyll Different From Other Lights In My Home?

Chlorophyll is a unique light fixture for growing indoor plants that focuses the sun’s beams into a spotlight of energy efficient LED light, 7W to be exact. With a warm and welcoming terracotta lampshade, this Italian stallion invokes feelings of Mediterranean gardens, even in cooler but no less grandiose, homes of the UK.
Breathing life into small to medium sized indoor plants, the Chlorophyll LED grow light illuminates organisms with a unique Italian flair, which unsurprisingly results in plants growing with more vivacity, since everyone (including your veggies) knows Italians foster stylish and elegant produce, from growing their food to rearing their people.
So whether you delight in a bedroom filled with orchids or you find organic herbs and vegetables a delicious culinary treat, the Chlorophyll LED grow light will help nurture your passion for indoor plants and gardening while sustaining their life and keeping them a vibrant and gorgeous addition to your house.

How Do I Use Chlorophyll LED Grow Lights?

Its compact size and easy-to-use design will transform plants from dull to dazzling in minutes. All you need to do is place Chlorophyll directly over your plants or suspend above with its existing support cord, which is easily adjustable to move with your plant as it grows.
For plants to prosper most efficiently, they need sunlight as well as darkness. To get the best out of your LED grow lights, make sure to turn Chlorophyll on and off to replicate a natural day to night cycle – an external mechanical timer is suggested for this. And don’t worry about the best LED grow lights burning your plants – all luminosity is cold.
Passionate about pots? Not a question you’ll be asked everyday, but one that should be answered with a whopping great YES if you’re looking for your indoor plants to grow immensely and for Chlorophyll to help them. Larger flowerpots are recommended, so that the lamp may be planted at a depth of roughly 10cm, be a distance of 7cm from the highest leaves and work its magic to best effect.

How Does It Work?

Beaming tasty nutrition into your lights, Chlorophyll is a product of detailed scientific research, development and design. Based in Italy at the University of Bologna, the Department of Agricultural Sciences determined a unique light spectrum that would provide plants with their optimum nutrients and create photosynthesis.
With a blend of red and blue lights, Chlorophyll helps the development of indoor plants through all stages of its life, from producing leaves to flowering, helping you reap healthier and tastier rewards. High levels of chlorophyll, along with water and essential oils, make plants grow better and faster.
So combining these with LED lights for indoor cultivation, Chlorophyll cultivates plant life in a way that’s efficient, cost-effective, and since its birthplace finds itself in Italy – sophisticated too.

What Indoor Plants Can I Grow?

Many of our customers expressed their passion for organic produce and culinary herbs not just for the reason that they lift the spirits of any kitchen, but because they are crucial ingredients for any aspiring chef. The Chlorophyll LED grow light nurtures anything from herbs, salads and vegetables to ornamental plants and cacti, while giving them a sassy spotlight that injects charm and atmosphere into your home.

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