Your living room is undoubtedly the most dynamic space in your home. After all, it’s in the name! It is the place where most of the “living” happens. Living rooms are the lace for a lot of things – relaxing, enjoying a good flick, hanging out, lounging, and even a perfect place to get lost in the pages of a book.

Living room lighting ideas

However, to enhance the living room, it needs designer lighting that will match the spirit. We bring you the three best kinds of designer lighting for your modern living room. Let’s have a look.

Iluminación colgante italiana

Designer pendant lighting can add a spirit to your living room and give it a feel as if stars are coming down to just light up your room! These amazing Italian pendant lighting fixtures come in various shapes, sizes, and design. You can go for smaller ones and spread them across the ceiling of your living room.

You can even place the small sized Italian pendent lights in set and add more appeal to the lighting or try one of the bigger designs that can add a royal touch. There are ways that can add more glamour to the improvised living rooms as well. Imagine having a billiard table in your living room and you have a long pendent lighting fixture over it! If you have a huge living room you can also try big, decorative Italian pendent lighting fixtures, which will look like a royal chandelier.

Italian Sphere Lighting

Cute, round, and awesome! These three words somewhat describe this fantastic designs that is gaining popularity fast. The best thing about Italian sphere lighting fixtures is that they can adapt to any living room’s ambience and spirit with their harmonious and round shape.

These spherical designer lights can look good almost anywhere in your living space; whether on a table, on floor, or even as pendants hanging from the ceiling. You can even try arranging small spherical lamps in groups and place them over your dining table or the study table. Italian sphere lighting will invite you to dream as its light shines softly and fills your living room with positivity.

Italian Linear Lighting

Designer linear lighting can never go out of style and it has truly evolved with time. The difference between the traditional and modern Italian linear lighting is that the new ones are more intelligent!

They have improved in terms of performance and appearance. Almost every kind of linear lighting is the combination of the surface and point. It can give your living room a glamorous appeal and at the same time make it more vibrant.

Light it up!

Creating a perfect living room lighting can be a satisfying task, especially due to the various activities that a living room can accommodate. Some living spaces are used for lounging mainly, whereas there are few that are mainly used for social gathering. At the same time, a good number of people like to modify their living room into a mini home theater. Some even use it to study or work on their computers!

The point is the three types of lighting: pendant lighting, sphere lighting, linear lighting can work well in any living room. Brighten up your living room using Italian designer lighting fixtures from Modelight. We hope these ideas will truly light up your living room’s spirit!