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Interior lighting is an important aspect of any home’s design. The kind of system you use as well as the type of fixtures you use can easily transform your home’s appearance. Similarly what works well in the bedroom will not necessarily work in the living room. The lighting system has to resonate well with the feel and functions of every space. That’s why there are hundreds of lighting systems to choose from today. One notable trend is the Italian pendant lighting. It subtle and suppressed effects make an artistic and dramatic piece yet it can illuminate a space more than lamps which give shades in most cases.

What exactly is Italian Pendant lighting?
A pendant light features a single cord or any other suspension device. It can be a rod or a chain that hangs from a ceiling and supports the lighting fixture. It can also be as simple as an ordinary bulb suspended from the roof by a single cord. Essentially, the Italian pendant lighting design is characterised by some sort of casing such as a cage, drum, shade or globe.

There are also stand alone units and those grouped into several, interdependent units to provide additional décor or lighting. They can be used as decorative pieces or for functional purposes. The main qualifier for a lighting system to fall into this category is that the fixtures must in some way be suspended from the roof.

Shapes and Styles

Italian pendant lighting fixture is fairly an expansive category that features a wide array of styles and shapes. As mentioned earlier, any single bulb that is suspended from the ceiling could qualify provided it has some type of protective element or shade. This includes bells or globes of various sizes, colors, shapes or cages. There are also various styles such as industrial metal shades, modern wove cages or traditional glass globes to suite different tastes.


Italian pendants can be used both for décor and function. In a living room, they could be suspended over cabinets to shed light on specific areas of the space or to create attractive bits of light to highlight specific pieces. In a home office, they could be used over desks for added function.

Benefits. Here are some reasons why should go for an Italian lighting fixtures over the ordinary bulbs and boring lamps.

  1. Stylish. Most interior designers love Italian pendants because of their elegant yet simple experience. Even the most pocket friendly pieces look classy because that is just there nature. You can position a group over kitchen tops, corners, billiard tables or in corners.
  2. Durable. They are made with high quality materials and are designed well which makes them unsusceptible to breakage.
  3. Practical. Cleaning them is very easy as you can reach them with bare hands and regular dusters. Keep in mind that they are usually suspended lowly and it shouldn’t be a problem reaching all the sides.
  4. Economical. Its electric consumption is very low which makes it affordable in the long run .Similarly; it is less expensive than most floor lamps and chandeliers.
  5. Unique. What’s more, they are unique! They shine and sparkle like fine jewelry which helps creates a state of the art atmosphere.

Suspended from the ceiling by chains and rods, Italian pendants like beautiful Artic P1 bring light to the space where you need it with an attention seeking grace. With its adaptability, functionality and beauty, the fixture can be one of the most feasible options you can invest in to transform your home into an appealing and inspiring place for both you and your family. Actually, you will be puzzled to see how your space mutates into a 5-star hotel like lobby.