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Inspired by the grandiose contours of 17th century interior design and paying tribute to the classical chandeliers of noble palaces, Monarque adopts a dazzling antique presence. Glittering, dappled light is diffused through granular materials to create stylish and refined Italian pendant lighting. Available in two sizes to suit grand or petite spaces.

Lichtquelle: LED
Power: topLED 38W, 220-240V
Characteristics: 3000K, 4701lm, CRI 90
Material: Iron (white), PC (granular)
Dimensions: Ø 580 mm, H Max 2700 mm
Schutzart: IP20
Dimmbar: DALI (Dimmer nicht enthalten)
Einbau: Decke
Marke: Linea Light
Hergestellt in Italien

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