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This continental lady has a sophisticated, individual sense of style. Sometimes playful with her appearance but always refined, Madame Blanche Italian pendant lighting can create different looks for different settings. The Madame Blanche lighting design consists of two circular rings, one large and one small. They can be worn in parallel or set at a jaunty angle. Aware of how good lighting improves your appearance, Madame Blanche uses the soft glow of reflected light to create the perfect impression.

Lichtquelle: LED
Power: topLED 32W, 220-240V
Characteristics: 3000K, 3929lm, CRI 90
Material: Aluminium (white), PMMA (satin)
Dimensions: Ø 550 mm, H Max 3000 mm
Weight: 4.06 kg
Schutzart: IP20
Cable length: 4000 mm
Electric socket: Type E F
Doppelte Lichtemission
Einbau: Decke
Marke: Linea Light
Hergestellt in Italien

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