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The elegant hexagonal shape of the honeycomb inside a beehive is the inspiration for these spectacular lights designed by Pio and Tito Toso. Our beautiful Honey 110 Italian pendant lighting by Stilnovo is created from injection-moulded polycarbonate modules which take on an attractive, waxy sheen when lit. This stunning effect is achieved because the light is softened by using small, semi-spherical lenses in the LED circuit. Imagine the impact of these impressive lights in your hallway, dining room, or bedroom. Perfect for restaurants and offices, too.

Lichtquelle: LED
Power: TopLED 105W, 220-240V
Characteristics: 2700K, 10844lm, CRI 90
Material: Aluminium (white), PC (white)
Dimensions: 1100 x 1100 mm, H Max 6150 mm
Schutzart: IP20
Dimmbar: DALI (Dimmer nicht enthalten)
Einbau: Decke
Marke: Stilnovo
Hergestellt in Italien

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