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Stilnovo Xilema fl Italian LED floor lamps picture 1 XILEMA FL 636.53 - 682.65 inkl. MwSt.


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A design plucked straight from the forest, Branch’s elegant, vanishing aesthetic casts precise and homogeneous light through a kinked and organic structure. Its polished aluminium casing emits a LED source from a suspended pendant form, combining upscale technology with natural simplicity and forging an enchanting lighting experience.

Lichtquelle: LED
Power: topLED 38W, 220-240V
Characteristics: 3000K, 2760lm, CRI 90
Material: Aluminium (polished), PC (sandblasted)
Dimensions: 1170 x 56 mm, H Max 2000 mm
Weight: 2.77 kg
Schutzart: IP20
Einbau: Decke
Marke: Linea Light
Hergestellt in Italien

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