MILLE Beautifully Curved Designer Lights

You will have heard of Thoroughly Modern Milly, the 1960’s musical, set in the Flapper era of the roaring 20s when young Western women did all they could to break with convention and to challenge acceptable behaviour by wearing short skirts, listening to jazz, smoking, and bobbing their hair. In Millie’s case this was set off with a black and white chequered hat.

Italian designer lights Mille LED

MILLE curved designer lights with attractive design, elegant glass work are amazing Italian lights for every room. But our MILLE’s family of designer lights for indoors include also ceiling and pendant Italian lights making their appearance in a choice of shapes and sizes. Each of the members of this show-stopping cast has two distinct features; an exotic shade of curved glass with MILLE’s thoroughly modern “hall mark” of distinction, two tiny red checks. With these clean lines, and an attractive design, there is no upstaging here. MILLE curved designer light is a star in its own right.

CURVE LED Designer Lights for Walls

It’s been said that when things are not going the way you want, when life throws you a curve ball or any of a dozen catastrophes, remember, a cigar is just a cigar but how you smoke it is down to your choice. Someday it will all make perfect sense, just not now. So surrender to the confusion, laugh at the chaos, smile through the tears, and know that everything happens for a reason. As Phyllis Diller, comedienne once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Start by looking in the mirror.

Italian designer lights Curve LED

Our CURVE LED designer lights for walls feature a simply shaped curve available in two sizes and beautiful finishes adorning walls with soft, warm designer lighting. The casings come in white, corten or beton coated aluminium. The CURVE family is diversity personified as it lends itself to so many creative and intriguing arrangements.