SOLID Chrome Italian Lights for Walls

J K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter tales, is quoted as saying that rock bottom was the solid foundation on which she rebuilt her life. In memories of childhood, one phrase stands out; I read it every morning on the tin of syrup, “Out of the strong came forth sweetness”. I never logically knew what it meant, but somehow the picture on the tin of the rotting carcass of a lion with a swarm of bees, eventually taught me that sometimes the best lessons come from the deadliest experiences or put another way, we can only penetrate the dark with the light.

Chrome Italian lights Solid

The attractive and versatile chrome Italian lights for modern and contemporary walls SOLID by Linea Light have a strong, firm, appearance and are versatile for use in bathrooms, over mirrors or highlighting modern and contemporary paintings. These amazing designer lights, modern yet classical chrome Italian lights for walls with squared lines and a satin-finished diffuser, features a metal fixture in chrome and also in grey finish. The long horizontal shade of SOLID designer light is elegant and stylish and emits a bright, uniform light over a sizeable area.

PELOTA Spherical Chrome Italian Lights for Indoors

Throughout the world, ball games are a great way of uniting people. Tennis, baseball, basketball, cricket, a kick-about in the local park, and many more, break down barriers and light up the lives of many – young and old alike. Since mid 2013 there is an energy harnessing football with which, by kicking around in a 30 minute game, players can generate enough electricity to power a LED lamp for three hours.

Chrome Italian lights Pelota

PELOTA chrome Italian lights, unique and elegant sphere lighting bring together a powerful team of futuristic eye-catching designer lights for modern and contemporary homes. PELOTA stylish and elegant, chrome Italian sphere lighting with metal fastening and the lighting housed in shades coloured chrome but also white and copper. These will kick into touch the brightest display for the discerning player or observer.